“Dr. Shirley’s Motivational Moments”

Dr. Shirley now offers her unique brand of inspiration on a new CD.


“Dr. Shirley’s Motivational Moments,” a CD with an inspirational message of encouragement for each day of the month is packed with stories, illustrations and challenges that are not mere words, but a call to action. 

Whenever you need an inner boost, a reassuring voice, or a reminder of the really important things in life, Dr. Shirley is as close as your nearest CD player.

Be one of the first to have this brand new CD by Dr. Shirley! Get the inspiration you need to bring about positive changes in your life.

No matter how challenging the task, how dark the path, there is within each of us the spark to light the way!

Dr. Shirley's Motivational Moments - CD

  • You will reflect!

  • You will laugh!

  • You will be inspired!


For ordering information, please contact us at (225) 769-2307.