People are talking about Dr. Shirley:

"I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into my résumé.  I thought you would be interested to know that I used it to land my dream job with a small engineering consulting firm.  They hired me to be their financial manager thanks to you.  I will be recommending you to my friends who are job hunting.  Your service made all of the difference for me."

--Lindsey D.
Financial Management

"When I was looking to update my résumé while I was living in Louisiana, I did not know what to expect, because the previous résumé writers that I have encountered just wanted to know the facts to put on paper so that they could get paid. Dr. White's initial consultation allowed her to get to know me as a person so that she could tailor a résumé suited to my career aspirations. When I was unemployed, she encouraged me and coached me on areas to help improve my job search and land the job that I have today.”

--Emily L.
Nonprofit Management

"“My job search was successful. I’ve recently accepted a new position. I thought you would be interested in a little data. I began my search in September. I mailed 13 résumés. I was called for 5 interviews, 2 of which were second appointments. Thank you for your efforts in my behalf.”

--Cj W.
Claims Adjusting Supervision

“I have had such a great response on my “new and improved” résumé. I was called from a company out of Georgia yesterday, and the manager admitted to me that out of 30+ résumés sent to him, I was the first and only one to get a call. He said he was impressed with what was on and how my résumé projected a positive, eager salesperson. Thank you so much!”

--Kristen G.
Industrial Sales

“I just want to tell you that I have accepted a new position that I think will be very exciting! Thank you for your stellar work on my résumé! I am sure that it helped get me in front of this start-up company in San Francisco.”

--Debbie K.
Medical Science Professional

“I am writing to express my thanks for the prompt attention you gave my résumé. I am thoroughly pleased with the finished product! I had an interview today, and was commended on how well my résumé represented my background. I am really impressed on your professionalism and thoughtfulness! I do understand that this is your business, but your personal attention is your greatest asset.”

                                 --Sandra F.
Administrative Support

"Here is another Success Images success story! After sending out 1 CV, I have a new job! I will start May 1. It is a great opportunity. Thank you for all of your guidance, the CV and the cover letter. They worked like magic. I am still pinching myself trying to see if it is all real. Thank you again! "

--Kristi R.
Clinical Trials Management

“I want to thank you again for your work on my husband’s résumé. He just landed a managerial position with better hours and salary. Both people who interviewed him commented on his impressive résumé! Thanks for your time and effort in helping us.”

--Michelle W.
Sales Management Professional

“I am happy to announce that I have been given the opportunity to work for the House of Representatives. I applied in December for another position with the Legislature and although that position was filled, they kept my resume on file, and called me when another position opened. I could not be more grateful for the time and energy you put into helping me achieve my goals, and for this reason I am eternally grateful. I will be sure to keep in touch with you as I continue my career goals. Once again, thank you for everything. I have already been spreading your name like wildfire and will continue to send people your way.”

--Krystal D.
Paralegal/Executive Administration

“Thank you very much for assisting me with my résumé. You did an absolutely outstanding job, and I am recommending you to any of my friends who are looking for top-notch work.”

--Sandra T.
Governmental Executive Director

“Just a little note to say thanks for the résumés, the guidance throughout the years, all the kind words, everything.”

                       --Charles K.
Retail Technology Sales

“I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your beautiful work on my résumé. In addition, it has been a pleasure getting to know you, and now I understand why you are so highly recommended. You are an inspiration to me, and I admire your professionalism and knowledge as well as your kindness. Thank you again.”

--Virginia V.
State Government Professional

“Add another notch to your success chart. I was offered and accepted the position of Instructor at the Chemical Engineering Department. Thanks for the top notch package and the encouragement.”

--Henry T.
Chemical Engineering Higher Education

“Thank you so much for your time and concern with my interview. I wanted to let you know that I got the job, and I start Monday. Thanks again!”

--Jenny V.
Pharmaceutical Sales

"I used the résumé you wrote for me to apply for my current job. Beat out 17 other candidates."

--Craig L.
Medical Device Sales

“Just wanted to let you know that I was called for another interview. I studied your articles that you gave me and was delighted when some of the interview questions were exactly the ones in the article. I inwardly smiled as I was prepared to answer! I cannot express how grateful I am that you were referred to me.”

--Elizabeth H.
Administrative Operations

“Since I began the coaching process, I have taken my GRE, been accepted to graduate school, completed my first graduate level course, began swimming 3-4 miles a week, and lost 30 pounds.” I believe I needed the accountability that goes along with the experience to motivate me to begin. I never wanted to not attain the goals that I had set for each session. This was mainly due to the respect I had for my coach, and the fact that she seemed so genuinely interested in your success that you didn’t want to let her down. This experience has been a life-changing one.”

--Darrel L.
Training & Development Professional

“I have known Dr. Shirley White for many years. I first came to know her as one of my instructors at LSU. After graduating, I utilized her services (through Success Images) due to her expertise in professional résumé writing. Her work is outstanding! Dr. Shirley is very effective in selling you on paper. Over the years, not only have I been successful in getting the job, but the interviewers have all been very impressed with my résumé and cover letter.”

--Pamela T.
Paralegal Professional

“Thank you so much for the wonderful résumé you wrote for me. I truly appreciate you taking the time to work with me, and developing a résumé that really caught my employer’s attention.”

--Billy M.
Information Technology Sales

“Thank you for my résumés! They really did the trick, and got me a great job on my third interview. Thank you for your expertise and knowledge.”

--Ray G.
Gaming Industry Professional

“1st class—Dr. White is an experienced, kind, compassionate coach who has made a positive impact on my life, as well as my career.”

--Deborah C.
Nonprofit Development Executive

“Very enjoyable 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent helped me see myself more developmentally. This was not always good to me, but excellent for me.”

--Barbara G.
Private Counseling Practice

“This experience has helped me to complete my first year in a Ph.D. program with grades good enough for me to be recognized by the university and the National Honor Society. Increased my confidence and broadened my exposure to others in my profession through networking. This coach is the Best!”

--Dwuena W.
Training & Development Management

Shirley’s empathy and understanding made each weekly session a joy. Even when I failed to complete all I had set on my agenda, Shirley was sensitive, realistic, and flexible. She had a constant eye on the ultimate vision, even when I doubted I could accomplish the goal. Ultimately, with Shirley’s guidance, together we ‘made it happen.’ Although, she would insist it was all me.”

--Shawn H.
Film & TV Production

“The coaching came at a time when I really needed a non-biased, confidential coach. It helped me keep perspective and develop a long-term progression in my career.”

--Pam S.
Healthcare Senior Management